Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Student Council Has Quality!

Today was the first time meeting with St. Ann's quality project groups. I have the honor of being the facilitator for the Student Council...for now. Soon, our fearless leader, Clare, will take over the role of meeting planner and gavel holder. The first order of business was defining the order of business. We used an agenda to keep our bodies and minds focused on the important tasks. After roll call, we discussed new business like defining our mission. The council settled on 1) helping St. Ann work toward becoming a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, 2) meeting the needs of the St. Ann student body (within reason), and 3) serving the community. They are really in-tune with their constituents! The last bit of new business centered on writing a bill to be presented to the Tennessee State Legislature in May. But, first things first, the council has to define a goal. Should it be an act or a resolution? We'll list it under "open business" for our next meeting.

The final minutes of the meeting introduced new business to the council. First, nail polish should be allowed! This suggestion is sure to help us write a bill, right? Well, in fact, it will. Using suggestions for changes to the student handbook is what we will use to practice writing an act or a resolution. It's all very technical. Keep up.

Finally, President Harney called the meeting "adjourned" until next time. In the meantime, your honorable representatives will be active in the community, talking with constituents, and researching Tennessee law.

Blog entry, adjourned!

P.S. Take a look at our meeting presentation!

Nine Steps to Write a Bill

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