Monday, October 29, 2012

AR Makes Us SmARt!

The seventh grade has embarked on a new journey with Accelerated Reader. The students are committed to meeting several goals in their reading life this year. Here are few things we hope to accomplish!

First of all, it is important that students understand, or comprehend, the selections they choose. When the plots and details of a novel are interesting and relatable, reading becomes a desire. If connections are being made with literature, they will perform better on quizzes. So, the students must maintain an 85% average on reading practice quizzes which will determine if the right reading choices are being made. Next, each student has an individual point goal that should be met by the end of the school year. I divided the points by quarter so that small successes can be met along the way. (The point goals are based on an individual's ability as determined by the STAR test.) Lastly, as a class, we are working hard to read for 30 minutes every day. Developing a "habit" of reading daily ensures that students will grow into life long readers. Is there anything more important for students? Reading is the master key in life!

I encourage parents to read with their children. Some ask, "Isn't my child too old?" The answer is, "Absolutely not!" Reading aloud is a valuable tool in improving listening comprehension. Also, when parents read to, read with, or listen to a child read from a novel, your child gets the message that reading is an important component to success. Form a book club with your child. Choose a selection that interests each of you. It's also fun to choose a book that is becoming a movie. After reading the book, you can go to a movie together and discuss the likes and differences. There are many ways and opportunities in which you can encourage and show your kids the importance of reading. Find one and get to it!

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