Monday, October 29, 2012

Fifty States, Hooray!

The fifth grade has had a blast learning tons of facts about the fifty states of the USA! Recently, each student began an inquiry study on a favorite state. A few choices were Matt choosing Wisconsin, Loren choosing New Jersey, and Luke choosing New York. And, Andrew selected get on my good side. It worked! Other students had a more difficult time narrowing their selections.

After developing a list of questions and research topics, the class spent several days compiling facts, pictures, maps, etc. Once the research was complete, each student was responsible for presenting his information in a creative way to his classmates. I was so impressed with the students' ideas and motivation to create, build, and design things to show their learning!

Once the information was shared creatively, we began designing floats for a Fifty State Float Parade (happening in the hallway now). I thought the research projects were impressive. I had no idea how amazingly awesome the floats were going to be. Who knew that learning could be so much fun?!?

Check out a few pictures and a video about the "Garden State!" Don't fuhgit about it!

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